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CHAAPS offers educational and therapeutic programs with purposeful and focused activities.  These Activities accomplish the following: 

• Grooming -Fine motor skills: Develop strength, coordination and precision of the small   muscles in the hands.


• Obedience -Social skills: Develop skills for listening and following directions, expressive and   receptive communication and interacting with others.


• Agility -Gross motor skills: Develop strength, coordination and endurance of the whole body.


• Education -Cognitive skills: Learn concept development, sequencing, literacy and numeric   skills.

Clients of all ages benefit from these structured programs; toddlers to seniors enjoy doing simple activities such as stroking and grooming the dog to more complex activities of combining skills and tasks.  The activities can be done with individual clients or as a group session. Our sessions are done both indoors and outdoors.  In our dog programs our instructors collaborate with other professionals such as: Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Early Childhood Educators, Social Workers, Teachers, Mental Health Clinicians, Speech Pathologists and Parents in order to create an individualized program with client specific goals.

All of the dogs have Handlers and are Temperament Tested to ensure safety!



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